Custom Services has realized the greatest need of our customers right now is comfort and joy. 

Over the past year many of our plans have changed. We have learned to adapt to a “new normal”. Part of learning how to adapt is changing the way things have been done in the past. 

For the first time in HVAC history customers can receive both comfort at home and memories away from one single investment!

What is a “Gift of Travel”:

  • When you purchase a qualifying Daikin system, you will receive up to $2500 vacation voucher from Spears Travel Agency!
  • Vacation voucher is good to use anytime in the next five years from the purchase of a new comfort system!
  •  The flexibility to use vacation vouchers on airline tickets, hotel stays, theme park admissions, etc – the list goes on…the voucher can be used however you choose!
  • It’s a gift, from us to YOU and if you are feeling generous you can give it to someone else – a friend, family member or whomever you feel like blessing!

Simply just call and schedule a no-cost design consultation to be one step closer to the comfort you have always desired and the vacation you have always dreamed of! 918.258.8686