air conditioning repair

We proudly serve both residential and commercial clients with an unbeatable team of professional air conditioning technicians that you can depend on for high-quality, 24/7 air conditioning services.

air conditioning repairs

We replace, repair, service, and maintain all major heating and air conditioning systems for both residential and commercial customers, including Daikin, Trane, and all other major brands.

maintenance plans

No matter the age of your heating and air conditioning system, regular maintenance of this system will increase its performance. Our maintenance plans are designed to provide you with year-round comfort and peace of mind.

replacement options

Choosing the right replacement option will be easier when you call an expert HVAC contractor for professional advice. Custom Services has extensive experience in installing and maintaining new residential and commercial heating and air conditioning systems.

commercial air conditioning services

When it comes to commercial air conditioning services, it's important to find a professional and reliable mechanical company you can trust. We replace, repair, service, and maintain all major heating and air conditioning systems, including Daikin, Trane, and all other major brands.

air duct services

You can trust Custom Services with all of your slab duct and overhead duct needs. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and providing you with only the best solutions to any duct repair or air quality issue at your residence or business.

air quality

As a leading and highly reputable provider of HVAC services, Custom Services takes your home's indoor air quality seriously. We offer the best products in the industry to improve the quality of air within your home and drastically reduce the contaminants found in the air.

Air Conditioning Solutions That Fit Your Needs & Budget

Not sure if you need maintenance on your air conditioner? Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system is important to ensure that your cooling system operates at its peak performance.

An air conditioning system that is properly maintained should be:

  • Keeping all your rooms cool
  • Staying at the desired temperature
  • Filtering and cleaning your air while it works

If you’re not sure your air conditioner is functioning at its best, or even if you think it is, it’s a good idea to have a qualified air conditioning technician regularly check it out. An air conditioner that’s not running at the highest possible efficiency can waste thousands of dollars over time.

Call one of our friendly technicians today to schedule your free in-home estimate.

common air conditioning problems

  • Low Freon Refrigerant
  • Faulty Wiring
  • Outside Fan Not Working
  • Outdoor Condenser Not Working
  • Frozen Lines or Frozen Coils
  • Air Conditioning Doesn’t Cool
  • Air Conditioning Blowing Warm Air
  • Air Conditioning Won’t Turn On
  • Air Conditioning Making Unusual Noise
  • Air Conditioning Running All The Time
  • Thermostat Is Blank