Custom Services provides air duct cleaning services, duct repair, duct coating, and duct sealing for residential and commercial properties. Many homeowners and businesses in Tulsa and Oklahoma City rely on the expert technicians at Custom Services for air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning.

Most homes contain a wide variety of harmful contaminants such as pollen, fungi, bacteria, viruses, dirt, dust, and mites. Many of these air contaminants are circulated through the central air system in most homes and can aggravate the symptoms of asthma and allergies.

Our heating and air conditioning technicians use the Rotobrush duct cleaning system, which is the only available advanced cleaning system that brushes and vacuums at the point of contact. The Robobrush system eliminates the use of harsh chemicals (such as sealers), leaving your home or office with the assurance of fresh, clean, and virtually contaminant-free air.

Clean Air For Your Home

We understand the dynamics of airflow and your heating and air conditioning system. We will will brush and vacuum your air ducts with the Rotobrush, removing the contaminants that circulate through the air system.

Your air ducts and vents will be properly cleaned and sanitized with an environmentally safe sanitizer commonly used in hospitals and nursing homes, leaving a fresh, clean scent.


Custom Services provides customers with a selection of service agreements that are aimed at meeting the unique needs of any homeowner. Browse our available service agreements or talk to one of our friendly representatives about the plans we offer.