Is your air conditioner struggling to keep rooms cool? Or maybe your air conditioner has completely stopped running? At Custom Services, you’ll find experienced air conditioning repair experts who are available 24/7.

We replace, repair, service, and maintain all major heating and air conditioning systems for both residential and commercial customers, including Daikin and Trane, and all other major brands.

Whether you’re dealing with minor repairs or a complete air conditioning replacement, the air conditioning service experts at Custom Services can get your air conditioning system repaired and back to normal fast.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

  • System Freezing
  • Condensation Leaks
  • Air Conditioning Won’t Turn On
  • Low Freon Refrigerant
  • Faulty Wiring
  • Outside Fan Not Working
  • Outdoor Condenser Not Working
  • Frozen Lines or Frozen Coils
  • Air Conditioning Doesn’t Cool
  • Air Conditioning Blowing Warm Air
  • Air Conditioning Making Unusual Noise
  • Thermostat is Blank

Air Conditioning Repair Solutions

All Custom Services professional technicians are fully qualified, licensed, bonded, and insured with a proven track record to perform air conditioning repair services. We have experience with all types and makes of air conditioning units and systems. You can have peace of mind knowing our team is dedicated to providing the best HVAC solutions to any residential and commercial problem.

Which air conditioning system is right for my home?


Custom Services provides customers with a selection of service agreements that are aimed at meeting the unique needs of any homeowner. Browse our available service agreements or talk to one of our friendly representatives about the plans we offer.