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Air Conditioning Replacement Costs

Air Conditioning Replacement Costs is one of the most searched online questions. You will find a number of different sources with a wide range of varying price ranges, so many in fact, it nearly provides the wrong information. Factors such as brand, size or cooling capacity, duct work, location are just a few items that all dictate the price of a new air conditioning system. We take the guess work out. The team at Custom Services will always provide 3 to 5 solutions to fit your designed comfort and budget. You can reach us anytime to schedule by calling 918-622-8686 or 918-258-8686. No obligation, no pressure. But do expect better comfort, greater energy savings, and making it affordable!

Why Replace a Working Air Conditioning System

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When considering whether to replace your existing unit the three main factors to consider are the life expectancy, efficiency, and current condition of the unit. If any of these factors is a problem area, then you should consider replacement, and if two or three are problems, then replacement is almost always your best bet.

  • Life Expectancy – Most units last only eight to twelve years. You can add at least four years to this number if you have consistently had it professionally maintained during this time.  After that point they become expensive to repair and break down often. Parts are sometimes discontinued which causes them to be more expensive, if not completely unavailable.  A good example of this is R22 refrigerant.  It is being phased out by the EPA and has doubled in price already this year, with more price increases expected.
  • Efficiency – Older units are much less efficient than newer ones, due to constant improvement and increasing energy standards. Units are rated by S.E.E.R. or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. An easy way to understand these ratings is as follows; a unit that is rated at 10 S.E.E.R. gets ten units of cooling for a set amount of electricity, a unit rated 16 S.E.E.R. gets 16 units for the same amount of electricity, so you get 60% more cooling for the same amount. In a lot of cases installing a new air conditioning system can pay for itself in energy savings within a relatively short time.
  • Current Condition – Consider the current condition of your unit when you decide whether to repair or replace your air conditioning and heating unit. Factors to consider are the quality of the equipment (reputable brand, builder’s model, etc.), number of breakdowns, and how often the unit has been maintained. If your unit hasn’t been maintained or is an inferior quality or has frequent breakdowns,consider replacement as a serious option. No matter the skill of the installer or service professional there is little that can be done with a unit that is in very poor condition.  A unit that is leaking will also continue to cost more to repair as R22 prices continue to skyrocket as it is phased out.

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