$89.95 Central AC System Maintenance | Tulsa Check Up Services

Cooling Tune Up – Prevent Repairs

Comprehensive Cleaning and Inspection

When was the last time your heating or cooling system was professionally cleaned, serviced, and filters changed? Custom Services provides a one-time “seasonal” check and check for just $89.95 for the first system and a discount for each additional system on the same property. This maintenance tune up is designed to provide you with comfort and efficiency all season long and is guaranteed! Call 918.622.8686 or 918.258.8686. 

Here are a few of the items off our checklist that Custom Service heat and air technicians will provide during the respective seasons.

Furnace Maintenance Tune Up – $89.95

  • We provide a 32-point hands on cleaning and inspection during the heating season maintenance, including:
    • Clean & Check Gas Burners
    • Check Thermocouple
    • Inspect Gas Valve and Piping
    • Inspect Combustion Chamber
    • Check Blower Motor
    • Carbon Monoxide Test
    • Clean & Check Heat Exchanger
    • Check for Gas Leaks
    • Check Equipment & Ventilation
    • Check All Electrical Connections

Central AC Maintenance Tune Up – $89.95

  • We provide a 26-point hands on cleaning and inspection during the cooling season maintenance, including:
    • Wash outdoor condensing coilCustom Services HVAC repair technician performing repair in Tulsa Oklahoma
    • Check Refrigerant w/ metered device
    • Check All Electrical Connectors
    • Check Blower Assembly
    • Check Indoor Coil
    • Clean & purge condensate drain/Pan
    • Check or Seal air leaks at equipment (i.e.
      equipment in closet)
    • Check & Adjust Thermostat

Why Perform Maintenance

The #1 cause for system breakdowns and repairs, is neglect.

No matter the age of your heating and air conditioning system, regular maintenance on your equipment will increase its performance and extend the life of your equipment. Our maintenance plans are designed to provide you with year-round comfort and peace of mind. Regular maintenance of your cooling systems will save energy, prevent unnecessary repairs, protect your home and business, and increase the longevity of your air conditioning systems. A small investment can go a long way. Call 918.622.8686 or 918.258.8686.