Common Air Conditioner Repairs

Inadequate Maintenance

If you allow filters, air conditioning coils, or the blower wheel to become dirty, the air conditioner will not work properly, and the compressor or fans are likely to fail prematurely. Nearly 70% of all service calls can be prevented with professional maintenance services. It’s true.

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A Dirty Blower Wheel?

The blower wheel is the part of your heating and cooling systems that pushes the “cool” or “warm” air through the vents in your home. So, no matter the time of year, your blower is being used throughout the entire year. Just one-tenth of an inch of dust can reduce the efficiency of your system.

Filters protect the blower assembly: The typical A/C system circulates air through the building duct work using a “squirrel cage” blower fan. It is very important for you to check and change air filters at least monthly when the system is in use to protect the blower fan from dirt clogging.

Cupped fan blades can become blocked by debris: The blades of a squirrel-cage fan are cupped in order to cause the spinning cage to move air.

Dirt accumulation on the blades fills-in this cupped area, ultimately changing the “cup” to a simple flat area. The fan will spin just fine. I’ve seen the cubic feet per minute of air conditioning air-flow literally double when a very dirty squirrel cage fan fan of this type was cleaned or replaced.