When to Explore Air Conditioner Replacements

The Choice to Repair or Replace Your AC System

There are a few factors to consider when weighing this question. The age of the equipment, my ac is not cooling, my ac is not cooling well, tulsa, broken arrow, heat and airthe cost of repair or repair history (cost of ownership), and outdated the technology (which translates to higher utility bills). Now imagine this – you go out to look at a family members tire and you find yourself looking at a worn tire, really worn. The tread on the tire is barely visible and you can see the belt in certain areas but it’s still holding air and you can still drive on it to get from point A to B. Would you tell them to just drive it until it blows out? Just drive it until it can’t drive anymore? I mean after all, maybe they just paid for a patch repair. Chances are you would recommend to get that tire replaced, and quickly.

So, why do we wait after a repair, to just see how long our system will last? While our intent is good to help save money, the reality is it can be far more detrimental. Here are a few examples of how:

  • Failure: Why wait until we have a critical and expensive repair to only then explore replacement options? For the majority, systems will fail during the peak of the hot or peak of the cold, meaning the possibility of extended installation schedules is more likely. This doesn’t help the situation at all and does not serve our needs best.
  • Rebate Savings: Rebates from our utility companies like PSO and ONG are NOT
  • unlimited! Some years past, the rebate funds have been depleted before the fall season. The possibility can exist, that if you “just wait to see how long it will last” that rebates would not be available if the replacement is put off. Time is of the essence to explore those options for optimal savings potential.
  • Efficiency: Today’s options in the technology of this equipment can help bring you even greater savings with the utility costs. Having a reduction in the costs to heat and cool your home and better comfort is again a near immediate benefit.

So, again, while the intent is good, and maybe even after a repair, just “let it run until it can’t” doesn’t always serve as the best solution. With special rebates, financing, and upgraded comfort, we can help find the right solution, at the right time. You can reach the professionals at Custom Services 918-622-8686 or 918-258-8686 to schedule and learn more about your replacement options. We would be delighted to serve you.

AC Replacement Estimates

Choosing the right replacement option will be easier when you call a professional HVAC contractor for professional advice. Custom Services has extensive experience in installing and maintaining new residential heating and air conditioning systems. Schedule your AC estimate anytime by calling 918-622-8686 or 918-258-8686