FREE In-Home Estimate: What to Expect

If you have just begun researching new comfort systems for your home but are feeling overwhelmed, you are not alone

Custom Services’ goal is to educate our customers and provide all the information they need to make an informed decision when it comes to a new comfort system for their home!

Custom receives many phone calls from customers wanting to know “how much” a new system is going to cost them. For this reason, we provide a FREE in-home estimate from a knowledgeable Design Consultant!

To help our customers understand what an in-home estimate involves, we have put together a “What to Expect” guide when our Design Consultant visits your home: 

Comfort Concerns Analysis Design Consultants will sit down with the homeowners to establish expectations, discuss what preferences they may have and to discover any comfort concerns that may need to be addressed. Our goal is to assist the customer with their decision, not tell them what we want.

Home & Equipment Survey Design Consultants collect the necessary data to perform a load calculation. In addition, we look over the existing equipment and ductwork to make sure everything is sized correctly, is in good condition and ready to accept new equipment. You can expect this process to include measuring, looking around the house (including attic and crawlspace), taking temperature and airflow readings and taking pictures to document everything.

Load Calculation Performing a load calculation helps Custom Services determine what size comfort system is needed and how the ductwork should be designed.  We will measure the house, assess construction and insulation values and ask a few general questions as we plug the data into a ACCA approved Manual J software program on our laptops.

System Selection After determining the wants and needs of the customer, Design Consultants will sit down and take a few minutes to build multiple options to present to the homeowner – showing all rebates, promotions and financing options!

Presentation Finally, this is where the Design Consultant takes the time to explore different options with the homeowner, explain all pros and cons of each different comfort system, answer questions and assist the customer in their next step.

Aftercare Before leaving the customer’s house, our Design Consultants make sure the customer has all contact information – making themselves available to them for any issues or questions they may have in future days, months or years! Our Design Consultants are your personal consultant for as long as you need them to be! 

Custom Services promise is when a Design Consultant leaves your home, you will have peace of mind in whatever decision you choose to make when it comes to your new comfort system!