Freezing Outdoor Hosebibs

plumbers, frozen pipes, pipe burst, plumbing, broken arrow, custom servicesMost homeowners in Tulsa, Oklahoma know it’s important to ‘winterize’ the outside faucets to prevent them from freezing, because freeze damage can destroy the faucet or lead to a burst pipe. Winterizing the outside faucets in the fall seems like a simple thing to do, and it seems like it should be straightforward and easy, but there are a couple tricks you need to know to help prevent water damage from frozen pipes.

Tip #1 Garden hoses – First and foremost, disconnect the garden hose from the outside faucet. If you leave your garden hose attached to the faucet, you’re asking for trouble.

Tip #2 Determine if your faucet is frost-free or not.  A rule of thumb is that if the faucet has a knob that’s perpendicular to the house, it’s frost-free.  The knob turns a long stem that closes a valve inside the house where it’s warm.  If the knob is at a 45 degree angle, it’s not frost free, and it needs to be winterized.