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Furnace Check Up & Saftey

When was the last time your furnace or heater was serviced by an experienced heating and air conditioning technician? Manufacturers recommend having your system cleaned and service each year by an experienced professional.Blue flames from home furnace after a technician from Custom cleaned in Tulsa.

Starting at $89.95 for a seasonal check, you can count on Custom Services’ professionals to provide a 32-point, hands-on cleaning and inspection service for your furnace. Or become a valued priority customer with our annual maintenance service…and save even more.

Custom Services’ heating and air conditioning technicians will take time to pull and clean burners, check and clean igniters, perform a CO2 detector test, and carefully inspection your systems heat exchanger. Call Custom Services today at 918-622-8686 or 918-258-8686.

Furnace maintenance will lower your energy costs and save you money!

In order to prevent the need for repairs or your system going out all together, keeping up with a regular maintenance program is always recommended.  Many homes and business rely on Custom Services to do a thorough furnace tune-up and/or maintenance inspection so you won’t have to worry about any potential issues during the cold winter months. Additionally, routine maintenance will lower your energy costs in the long run, reduce hardware failure, and help to improve the Indoor Air Quality of your home.

Call Custom Services today at 918-622-8686 or 918-258-8686.