Gas Leak Repair

Gas Leak Repair – Tulsa, OK

Smell Natural Gas? Natural gas is naturally odorless and colorless. To make natural gas detectable, a chemical known as Mercaptan is added. Mercaptan has a smell similar to rotten eggs. If your nose detects this unique odor, contact a professional gas leak detection company like Custom Services at 918.622.8686.

In addition to the odor mentioned above, indications of a gas leak also include:

  • A hissing soundgas leak, gas repair, gas leak service, leak detection, tulsa plumber, plumbing company, broken arrow,
  • Blowing dirt, grass or leaves near a pipeline
  • A patch of dead grass or vegetation in an otherwise green area
  • Water bubbling or blowing into the air at a pond, creek or river
  • Flames coming out of the ground or burning above the ground

Gas Leak Detection

We employee a team of professional and licensed plumbers who have many years of gas leak detection and gas leak repair. We offer many solutions, including gas pipe repair and replacing a gas line for residential and commercial properties.

Reasons to Install a New Gas Line

There are several instances where a new gas line installation would be required in your home:

  • If you are adding an addition to your home.
  • When you install new gas appliances (i.e. gas stove, gas dryer, gas water heater, etc…)
  • Replace old and outdated pipelines.