HVAC Age Calculator

Is it time to replace the furnace?

Your heating and air conditioning system is made up of many mechanical parts and processes. Your heating and air conditioning system requires regular maintenance, service, filter changes and more to extend the life of the equipment and insure optimal performance. Many parts of your heating and cooling systems are being used all-year long, regardless of summer or winter seasons.

So, how do you know when your heating and air conditioning system is near its life span and time to explore replacement options? The best advice is to be proactive about understanding your equipments life span and there’s no better time to explore replacement options than when your system is working! That’s right, when it’s working. Too often property owners, property managers, and homeowners wait until the system no longer working and is faced with costly repairs; this situation is never ideal, as it puts pressure on the buying decision for a quick solution and install that can lead to future comfort frustrations and repairs down the road.

When should I replace my Air Conditioning System?

If your air conditioner were a car, you would drive several components in your heating and cooling system the equivalent of 27,500 miles each year. Most residential heating and cooling systems have a life expectancy between 10 to 12 years or around 302,000 miles.

How does your system compare? Try our Heating and Air Conditioning Age Calculator ™ to help determine or estimate the miles on your system!

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