HVAC Service and Maintenance Tips

HVAC-service-maintenance-tipsGetting the most from your heating, air conditioning and ventilation unit (HVAC) means having regular HVAC service and maintenance.

Some of this maintenance is routine that need to be done by the owner.

  • Change the filter. Filters are cheap, a couple of dollars at the most. Filters should be changed monthly or more often in high-dust environments or homes with indoor pets. When the filter gets clogged, the system has to work harder to pull air through it. That increased wear can age a system prematurely.
  • Keep the outside unit clean. Outside units are not meant to store things. That grate on top of the fan is there to keep large objects from falling through and damaging the interior. Make sure it’s clear so it can circulate air.
  • Keep the vents on the side open and clear. If vines are weeds are growing into the vents, pull them out. Don’t stack things around the unit. It needs room to push air.
  • Keep the drain open. Every HVAC unit has a drain. It needs to have a clear path to let the water run. If the drain is blocked or clogged, water can back up inside the unit and cause problems.
  • Schedule maintenance by a licensed HVAC company. Some things, like checking the coolant level, need to be done by a professional. While the tech is there, he should also run a diagnostic on other parts of the system. If something is wearing out, he can point this out and together you can decide what to do. A routine maintenance call that repairs a part before it stops working is a lot cheaper than an emergency repair call.

HVAC units work best with the lowest repair costs and have the longest useful life when they are regularly maintained by the owner and serviced by a licensed technician. To get the most from your HVAC contact us.