Main Drain Cleaning: How To Tell If You Need To Call a Plumber?

main-drain-cleaning-How-To-Tell-Need-Call-PlumberMost people give little thought to the drainage system in their home or business. However, if you need a main drain cleaning it is possible to catch the early signs before anything drastic happens.

Problems From Clogged Drain

If left undone a clog in the main drain can have sewage backing up into your home or business. It can come back in through a bathtub or another drain. Extensive damage can result from the raw sewage leaking back into your building. Having this problem can also mean that you can’t take a shower, wash clothes or dishes, or use the toilet while it’s clogged.

Early Signs of Drain Problems

Luckily, if you watch for the signs you can catch the problem, and fix it, before it gets that far.

  • If your drains and toilet are making a gurgling sound when you flush them or drain water.
  • Watch for water coming back up another drain in the home, such as your bathtub, when you flush the toilet or drain another sink.
  • Look around the floor drain in your basement as well, f there is water around it, that is a sign also.

Possible Causes of Main Drain Blockages

If you have an older home with mature trees than tree roots are likely the cause of your drain blockage problem. In newer homes products like feminine hygiene products, some of the thicker toilet paper, and paper towels could be the culprit.

A professional cleaning from a reputable plumber should fix the problem, but if that does not work they may use a camera to “look” in the lines for the problem. Contact us today if you think our home or business has a main drain clog.