Nexia Connected Thermostat

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Connected Thermostat – from the comfort of my pillow

I would like to share my story with you about the incredible ease and value I have experienced with my connected thermostat. About 6 weeks ago I had my new Nexia 824 thermostat installed in my home. This thermostat is a “connected” thermostat, meaning that it is connected to our wireless internet at home. This “connectivity” allows our thermostat provide 5 day weather forecasts, weather alerts, and even provide the humidity. Ok…but why does anyone need a Nexia connected thermostat?

Have you ever left your home and wondered if you adjusted the thermostat before you left? With a connected thermostat you can adjust your set point or turn on and off your system from your smart phone or device.

Have you ever wished you could turn on the AC on your way home so that your home is nice and cool when you walk in the door? Log-in anytime and adjust your thermostat settings from your phone, computer, or tablet; anywhere.

How would like to set your indoor fan to circulate the air in your home 10 minutes each hour? The Nexia thermostat allows you customize circulate fan settings in your home or business.

With a “connected” thermostat you don’t have to leave the comfort of your pillow at night to adjust your temperature settings. Many times over the last several weeks I’ve found it incredibly convenient to adjust my thermostat as I’m rocking my infant daughter to sleep or from the dinner table after the heat of the kitchen cooking makes it a bit too warm. But it doesn’t stop there…with Nexia’s 824 thermostat you can add wireless devices to turn on and off lights, fans, your garage door and even cameras in your home. The best part is Nexia can be hooked up to any brand heating and cooling system. You can learn more by visiting