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Sewer Camera Inspection – Electronic Line Location

Sometimes, for really stubborn drain clogs, a more tactical plumbing approach is required. Custom Services plumbers will utilize a specially designed video camera to inspect the pipes, our professionals are able to zero in on the location of your sewer clog allowing the plumbers to eradicate the problem the first time time. Utilizing this type of equipment gives us an advantage over traditional plumbers.

A sewer pipe camera inspection by one of our professional drain cleaning plumbers takes about an hour.

  1. drain cleaning, pipe inspection, camera inspection, drain clog, tulsa plumbers, plumbing and drainFeed camera with transmitter into pipe. A small camera is put into the pipe. It transmits to a TV monitor which is monitored by our technician. The entire sewer pipe from your home to the street is on video. All details are clearly transmitted in full color and video recorded so you can see the problem.
  2. We can plot path and depth of sewer pipe. We plot out the path of the sewer pipe from house to street by honing in on a signal transmitted from the camera head. This identifies the exact location, depth and nature of the problem.
  3. Evaluate sewer and determine problem areas.
  4. Explain repair options. We explain your repair options and give you a quote for our suggested solution. You now have the information you need to make an informed decision on a repair. If you decide that we will handle your repair, we’ll immediately schedule a day and time to get it done.
  5. Submit written bid to repair.

When brown sludge bubbles up from the drains or you hear the sound of pipes bursting in the winter, it’s not the time to wait or hope for the best. That’s the time you should call Custom Services Plumbing & Drain Cleaning to get the job done! Reach us at 918-622-8686.