AC Repair Tulsa



AC Repair – Tulsa, OK

Air Conditioning system not cooling? AC not working? There are a number of reasons why our air conditioning system will stop working. You need an experienced company and technician work force that can respond quickly and get your AC back to cooling. Custom Services has been providing heating and air conditioning repairs, maintenance, and installation services for nearly 40 years. We are available 24-hours a day for emergency services. Call 918-622-8686 or 918-258-8686 to schedule AC Repair Services. 

Why choose Custom Services

We offer Customer Assurance Pricing (CAP). Why does that matter? It matters for a few reasons. Here are a couple of very important reasons to choose Custom Services:

  • Up Front Pricing – No surprises;
  • No paying for our technicians to learn on the job with hourly rates;
  • No paying for technicians to sit in traffic with hourly rates;

When you buy your groceries off the shelf, don’t you already know the price of your goods or produce that you are buying? Yes, you are – no surprises. Our technicians will always be able to provide you the costs up front for your AC repairs. Call Custom Services for your heat, air and plumbing services.