EcoBee 3 Lite Thermostat & Installation



Price includes Ecobee 3 lite and installation by a trained HVAC technician. The ecobee3 is a small, light and easy to install thermostat. It looks sleek on the wall, and is quite small compared to the old boxy thermostats. It’s touchscreen and very intuitive to use. I like that it works over the WiFi, and doesn’t require another hub or device to work with it, like my old Z-wave thermostats. You can control the thermostat with your smartphone, which is the real benefit of these devices. I like having the ability to change the temperature on the fly and not have to walk over to my thermostat. You can program it, or change it via the smartphone whenever you need to. The touchscreen function is one of my favorite features. It’s so simple to use that even my non-tech savvy folks can adjust the thermostat if need be. You simply slide your finger up or down and change the temperature. Call 918.622.8686 to schedule.