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Custom Services provides expert, qualified Bixby HVAC services for the heating and cooling needs of both residential and commercial customers.

Bixby HVAC Services

HVAC Repairs

  • furnace and heating repairs
  • air conditioning and cooling repairs

HVAC Replacement

  • air conditioning replacement
  • furnace and heating replacement

HVAC Maintenance

  • air conditioning maintenance and service
  • furnace and heating maintenance and service

As you and your family deserve proper heating and cool conditions for comfort, it takes reliable HVAC technicians to fulfill what you need for solitude. Thankfully, there’s Custom Services to provide you with the top-tier service you deserve. Being an employee owned service with backgrounds in plumbing, air conditioning, contracting, and heating, Custom Services can easily provide you with options that are not only energy efficient, but operable to suit your home and needs.

With a long history as a premier service for heating and cooling units, Custom Services has you covered. As Custom Service can offer you warm indoor temperatures for the winter and cool indoor temperatures in the summer, expect our customer service to be on hand to make sure the temperature in your home is always favorable. Our skilled HVAC technicians are on hand to make sure all of your needs are met no matter what the weather may have in store for your appointment… and in the future.

So with business dating back to the 1980’s, it’s safe to say that Custom Services is here to match your needs for commercial, industrial, and residential property regardless of the maintenance, repair, or installation it needs to keep your indoors cozy.

HVAC Repairs and Service

If heating and air conditioning repair are what you’re looking for, look no further than Custom Services in Bixby, OK. Their highly trained staff of heating and cooling professionals can easily address your problems in no time. Custom Service’s twenty-four hour emergency service can easily tackle a problem no matter how late -or how early- it may be.

When you are ready to replace your air conditioning or furnace system, or you need your HVAC system serviced or repaired by a professional, contact Custom Services by calling our 24-hour call center 918.622.8686, downloading our iPhone app or completing our online form.

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