Tulsa AC Tune Up | 26-point $89.95 Cleaning Tulsa OK

Tulsa AC Tune Up – $89.95 Cleaning Tulsa OK We take the guessing out of price and service. At Custom Services, we provide a “hands-on” approach to your air conditioning system. The #1 reason for breakdowns is neglect. It’s true that having your AC system professionally serviced and cleaned can help do the following: Extend…

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Tulsa Central A/C Tune-Up | Summer AC Check Up Only $89‎

Tulsa Central A/C Tune-Up The Best AC Tune-Up and Maintenance in Greater Tulsa OK When was the last time your air conditioning system was professionally cleaned, serviced, and inspected by an experienced HVAC technician? No matter how old, or how new your A/C system is, the manufacturer recommends having your system serviced and maintained each…

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R22 Refrigerant Costs 2019 | Tulsa, OK

R22 Refrigerant Costs 2019 – Tulsa, OK Summer is just about here and many of us will soon be thinking about our air conditioning. If your system has some issues this season you might get an education on refrigerant and why it’s so expensive in 2019. Many homeowners are caught off guard on the rising…

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Cooling Tuneup Check Up | 918.622.8686

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Why Do I need AC Cooling Maintenance? In order to prevent the need for repairs or your system going out all together, keeping up with a regular maintenance program is always recommended.  Many homes and business rely on Custom Services to do a thorough air conditioning tune-up and/or maintenance inspection each season so you won’t…

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Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor in Tulsa | 918.622.8686

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Air Conditioning Repair Tulsa Air Conditioning system not cooling well? Low on Freon? The number #1 cause for air conditioning system break downs is neglect. If you feel like your system is not functioning properly….chances are it’s not. Nearly 75% of all service call could be prevented with professional seasonal maintenance to the system. Custom Services…

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Tulsa Air Conditioning Service | 918.622.8686

Neglect is the number one reason for Air Conditioning service repair calls. Air Conditioner not cooling well? There are a number of reasons why your air conditioning system may not be cooling well. With so many mechanical components as part of your cooling system….you need the experts from Custom Services. We offer 24-hour emergency services…

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Ecobee Thermostat Installation Tulsa | 918.622.8686

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EcoBee Thermostats EcoBee offers a series of WiFi connected thermostats for your home and business. You can adjust your thermostat settings from your tablet, smart phone, or desk top computer. EcoBee thermostats offer an incredible amount of technology, including integration for Amazon’s Alexa. That’s right, you can adjust you thermostat settings without even touching your…

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Tulsa Heat and Air Companies | 918-622-8686

Why You Should Hire a Professional in Tulsa to Fix Your Broken AC? It is vital that your air conditioner is always working properly to make your life more comfortable and simpler during those hot days of year. Whether it is regular maintenance, or you need urgent AC repairing service, always call a professional who…

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