Top 5 reasons to get a furnace tune up this fall

Top 5 reasons to get a furnace tune up this fall…

1. Avoid breakdowns when you need your furnace the most. The worst time for your furnace to break down is during the coldest days of the year when you need it most. That’s what makes fall the perfect season for a furnace tune up! By identifying and fixing any problems that your unit might have now, you can avoid being left out in the cold later.

2. Increase the efficiency of your heater or furnace. After a furnace tune up, your unit will be back to operating at its peak efficiency. This will help keep your energy bills under control when your furnace is running more frequently in the months ahead.Summer-Consider-Furnace-Replacement

3. Keep your system clean. Dirt may have built up on your furnace during the summer, especially if you have a home without an air conditioner and your unit has been idle for months. During a tune up, our technicians will make sure your entire system is clean so that you don’t have to suffer through an unexpected breakdown this winter.

4. Add years to the life of your heater or furnace. You wouldn’t skip the oil change on your car for years at a time, so why would you do it to your furnace? An annual furnace tune up will extend your unit’s operating life and increase the value of your investment in your heating system.

5. Avoid safety hazards in your home. If your gas furnace has developed a carbon monoxide leak from something like a cracked heat exchanger, you’ll want to fix the problem now before your unit is running more frequently down the road. During your furnace tune up, our technicians will ensure that there are no leaks in your heating system that could be putting the lives of you and your family in danger.

A clean and check starts at just $79.95 per system. Call us today 918-622-8686.