Main Drain Rooter Services in Tulsa

Main Sewer Line Clog

The main sewer line is one of the most common drain lines to back up in the home. Custom Services plumbing division understands when you experience a main sewer line clog, we recommend to stop using all water in the home to avoid any sewer backups or potential flooding causing damage inside the home.  When you experience a sewer main drain clog call the professionals immediately at 918.622.8686 or 918.258.8686 to clear these lines.

Main Drain Cleaning Services from Custom Services

Tulsa, OK Drain and Sewer Cleaners, Tulsa Plumbing Drains, Sewer Cleaning, Custom heat air and plumbing, tulsa plumbers, rooter, service, auger, jetting, line cleaning, pipe cleaning, inspectionsOur drain professionals will clear main line stoppages by either an outside  ground level clean out, through a drain vent on the roof or by pulling an inside toilet. Our drain professionals carry the best drain cleaning equipment available in the Tulsa metro area, including drain rooter/auger machines, and large hydro jetting drain cleaning systems available for fats, grease, and oils in the drain. Call Custom Services drain professional day of night for your next sewer or drain clog.

Custom Services gives you peace of mind with our commitment to service and quality. We use the correct equipment to fix your drain problems to optimal efficiency. Clogged drains can cause a disaster, bringing your home or office to a halt. Hiring our drain cleaning professionals can help you save hundreds of dollars in the long run.