HydroStatic Pressure Testing

Facing the unwanted burden of foundation repairs? At Custom Services, we provide hydrostatic pressure testing. Hydrostatic testing is a very common procedure that determines the existence of leaks or damage to sewer pipes or sewer lines that lie beneath your home or building, or in the slab.

Leaking or damaged sewer lines are very serious, and can cause significant damage if left untreated. Leaking sewer lines often lead to foundation problems in your home. (For owners of older homes: A large percentage of older homes have cast-iron sewer pipes under the slab of the house and over time, these pipes can deteriorate and eventually leak.)

If you suspect your home or business has a damaged sewer line or leak, contact the plumbing professionals at Custom Services.

We’ll immediately schedule a Hydrostatic Sewer Testing procedure to determine if in fact any of your sewer lines have been compromised.

Home Sewer Line Systems

When all plumbing water and sewage for a house exit at one spot or location, you have a one-system house. Sometimes a house is designed so the plumbing exits the house in more than one location. Custom Services plumbing department is fluent with hydrostatic sewer testing, isolation testing, and sewer repairs. Call us today!

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