Water Heater Services

Are you dealing with hot water problems like not enough hot water in the mornings? This can be a sign of a hot water heater that's past its prime.

If your hot water tank is aged between 8-10 years old, it’s time to start looking into replacement options. At Custom Services, we have a team of experienced and licensed plumbers that are experts when it comes to tankless systems, hot water tank repair, and replacement services.

We see it all the time. Mineral or sediment gets built up in water tanks, which prevents the tank from producing enough hot water to meet the demands of your household. People generally notice hot water issues when it starts taking a long time to get hot water after just one shower.

24/7 Hot Water Tank Services

Take it from the experts, the best time to start looking into hot water heater replacement options is while your tank is still functioning. Don't wait until you're left without hot water or your tank busts and causes expensive water damage. Save yourself time, money, and headaches and get your system inspected by the experts at Custom Services.

No matter what time it is, our technicians are standing by 24/7, ready help with emergency services. Our team will get your system back up and running in no time.

Hot Water Tanks You Can Depend On

Custom Services Plumbing offers Rheem water heater products because they are the industry leader in quality—our customers deserve the best. From raw material delivery to finished product assembly, each phase of the manufacturing process is overseen to ensure the highest quality possible.

Rheem products are guaranteed through rigorous testing and certification through both the government and private testing labs to ensure quality standards are met.

Rheem tank type gas water heaters are low first-cost and require no electricity. They have a low venting cost and Rheem offers a large variety of sizes. Tank water heaters provide a large volume of dependable, low-cost hot water. Fuel sources can be propane, natural gas, or electricity.

Residential tank gas water heaters typically store between 20 and 80 gallons of hot water hot throughout, usually at the factory setting of 120°F. The temperature can be adjusted up or down by a control on the unit. Tank gas water heaters are typically located in the garage, basement, or attic.

Free Hot Water Heater Estimates

There's no cost to have one of our licensed plumbers provide you a comprehensive and complete estimate to replace your existing hot water tank. Call Custom Services plumbing division today to schedule plumbing services, water heater tank replacement, or tankless replacement.

We're A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau and provide plumbing services to all of greater Tulsa.


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