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What is a WiFi Thermostat

A wireless thermostat, also called a WiFi thermostat, a home automation device that regulates temperature using your heating and cooling system. The best WiFi thermostats contain sensors which control the heating and cooling systems within houses, apartments or businesses.

Thermostat Installation Experts

Custom Services Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing has certified HVAC professionals to install your WiFi or Nest thermostat so you can start saving on your air conditioning and heating bills. Upgrade your current HVAC thermostat and try a new WiFi thermostat. Whether you purchase your thermostat from Custom Services or a retail store location, we can help install it today.

The Benefits of a Wifi Thermostatthermostat replacement, installation, heat and air, wifi thermostat, stat, tulsa, owasso, jenks, custom service

Decide to upgrade to a WiFi thermostat for your home and you can expect to receive these benefits:

Better temperature control – As with programmable thermostats, you can set the times when your HVAC system turns on and off, allowing you to avoid wasting energy when you’re asleep or away from home.

Internet connectivity – Just as the name suggests, you can make changes to your thermostat’s settings through any Internet connection and away from home; anywhere you’re connected.

Smart-phone application – Certain models allow you access to the thermostat through a smart-phone app, like android and the App Store.

Energy usage charts – By analyzing the charts, you can figure out where and when you’re using too much energy and make changes that will save you energy and cash.

Learning capability – After a short time of use, some WiFi thermostats learn your scheduling habits and automatically make changes that will also help you save.

Room or area sensors – Some models of WiFi thermostats include remote sensors installed away from the thermostat, which can average the temperature across multiple rooms to avoid energy waste.