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Water Heater Repair & Tank Replacement

Custom Services’ plumbing department is fluent with hot water heater tanks and tankless systems. Whether your need is for water heater repair services or water tank replacement, we can help. We are available 24 hours for emergency plumbing services for residential and commercial properties in Broken Arrow, Jenks, and all of Greater Tulsa, OK.

Required Water Heater Maintenance

Yes, it’s true. Don’t forget that your water heater requires attention each year. A water heater is one of those things people typically install, then do not give a second thought hot water heater, repair, replacement, costs, tulsa plumbers, custom servicesabout, until it stops functioning properly. However, a little water heater maintenance can go a long way toward reducing the number and frequency of repairs, and actually helps to extend the life of your water heater, avoiding early replacement. Learn how maintaining your water heater can affect its lifespan and give you fewer shocking moments of cold water.

These are just a few items that Custom Services plumbing department provides during a whole home plumbing maintenance for the water heater:

  • Flush – every year or so, you should flush the water in your water heater. This helps to wash out sediment build up in the tank, preserving the life both of the tank and the heating element.
  • Check the Pipes – take a few minutes when performing other maintenance and also inspect the water piping for leaks or damage. Leaks can damage more than just your water heater, so repair pipe leaks and replace compromised pipes right away.
  • Check the T&P Valve – every couple of years, make sure your temperature and pressure relief valve is still good. This valve protects your water heater from excess pressures and temperatures by discharging water and is required by law to be installed on all tank style water heaters. You’ll want to carefully test your T&P valve after making sure the water it releases has a drain to follow to keep water from getting everywhere. Please note the water from your T&P valve will be extremely hot, so take appropriate precautions. If your T&P valve drips constantly, even after testing, or if your T&P valve is older than your water heater’s warranty, you should simply replace it.

Our plumbing savings agreement (annual plumbing maintenance) is just $99 for most homes and it includes so many cost saving services including a water heater flush (valued at $165), cleaning all faucet aerators, checking all drains, and outside hose bibs just to name a few. Plumbing Savings Agreement customers also save 20% off all plumbing repairs* (after initial visit). If you would like more information, just call us at 918-622-8686.