Is Your System Safe for the Cooler Weather?

As the seasons change, so does your need of comfort in your home. Having your system serviced is a crucial part to the safety, efficiency and longevity of your system during the coldest months of the year.

With a 27-point Heating Clean and Safety Check, you will have peace of mind knowing your system has been thoroughly serviced and ready to meet your comfort needs. Custom Services’ 27-point Heating Clean and Safety Check is unparalleled to our competitors, we make sure to:

  1. Check electrical connections by tightening loose connections in order to avoid hotspots and burnt wiring which could cause costly damage to the system.
  2. Check filters through visual inspection to ensure adequate airflow to prevent system freezing. 
  3. Check blower assembly for cleanliness because dirty blower wheels can cause motor failure and vibrations resulting in costly system repairs.
  4. Check belt wear and tension alignment through visual inspection looking for cracks to ensure blower wheel speed is providing adequate airflow. 
  5. Check indoor coil for cleanliness by using a camera to visually inspect for dirt, pet hair and lent because dirty coils lowers airflow causing systems to run inefficiently and could become more susceptible to system freezing.
  6. Check for air leaks by manually feeling the joints of the plenum (box attached to ducts) for leaking air to help prevent unwanted costly utility bills by ensuring adequate airflow in home. 
  7. Check static pressure to help ensure proper duct sizing.
  8. Check duct work by using a manometer to ensure adequate airflow, proper duct sizing and zero duct blockage.
  9. Check and calibrate the thermostat to ensure cost savings for system efficiency. 
  10. Take supply air/return air temperatures to check temperature rise to see if temperature rise matches manufacturer’s recommendation. 
  11. Oil blower motor to lubricate bearings to ensure life expectancy of motor. 
  12. Check the humidifier filter for blockage to ensure the humidifier is working efficiently. 
  13. Check gas pressure and adjust to correct settings through inspection of the gas valve to ensure proper air to fuel ratio for system efficiency. 
  14. Check heat exchangers for holes or cracks to ensure safety and prevent carbon monoxide leaks. 
  15. Check flue piping to make sure it is drafting properly and has no leaks to ensure safety and prevent carbon monoxide leaks. 
  16. Check flue gasses with a combustion analyzer for correct air to fuel mixture in the combustion chamber for system efficiency. 
  17. Pull and clean burners by manually disassembling burners and cleaning to ensure system efficiency and longevity.
  18. Clean pilot assembly by manually disassembling burners and cleaning to ensure system efficiency and longevity.
  19. Check thermocouple through visual inspection for corrosion and heat ware to ensure safety in case pilot flame blows out.
  20. Check safety switches to ensure working order in an overheated scenario. 
  21. Check for gas leaks by manually testing the gas furnace for leaks to ensure safety against poisonous gasses. 
  22. Check and clean flame sensor by disassembling sensor and cleaning corrosion to ensure proper efficiency. 
  23. Check for carbon monoxide levels by using a combustion analyzer for proper gas levels to ensure safety.
  24. Check fuse sizing for proper sizing to ensure safety of electrical components on the system.
  25. Check disconnect by visually inspecting for loose electrical connections to ensure safety. 
  26. Check fan motor for bearing wear to ensure motor is operating efficiently.
  27. Check capacitor values manually with an electrical meter for proper readings to help forecast future system failures. 

Custom Services recommends having your system serviced before the first use of the season to ensure safety and system efficiency. We guarantee a thorough evaluation of your heating system with our  27-point check. From now until October 31st, we are offering our Heating Clean and Safety check for only $89
Our team is thankful for the opportunity to serve your comfort needs and is ready to answer any questions! Give us a call today: 918.258.8686